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Companies With Account Manager Career Paths

Manchester, London, Coventry, Leeds, Reading, Bristol, Birmingham
Account Manager, Solutions Architect, Security Consultant, Infrastructure Engineer, Field Support Engineer, Business Development Manager, Technical Consultant, Sales Executive, Project Manager, Service Delivery Manager
Softcat is a global leading IT infrastructure and software solutions provider, committed to driving positive outcomes for organizations, their employees, their customers and the world. With over 90 offices across the UK, Ireland and the US, Softcat is one of the most successful partners to leading IT security, data center, cloud, collaboration, mobility and business intelligence vendors. Sinc...
Santa Clara, New York, London, Paris
Process Engineer, Materials Scientist, Research Scientist, Software Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Project Manager
Atomera is an innovative technology company focused on developing and deploying revolutionary materials for semiconductor devices. Our mission is to make electronic devices smaller, faster, and more energy efficient, allowing companies to create the next generation of products. We are on the forefront of material science and are developing new materials that are up to 1000x more efficient than ...
Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Austin, Boston
Account Manager, Technical Support Representative, Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect, IT Manager, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Systems Administrator
Winc is an enterprise technology platform that is reimagining the way businesses engage with customers to create digital experiences. For over a decade, we have helped companies in industries such as finance, retail, education, and healthcare unlock the power of customer experience through our innovative technology solutions. Our tech-focused employees strive to develop user-friendly digital c...
New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto
Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Account Manager, Sales Representative, Customer Success Manager.
AdTheorent is a groundbreaking AI-driven adtech company that delivers transformational advertising solutions to brands and agencies by utilizing our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our core technology engine, Digital Sidekick, leverages AI-driven algorithms to identify the right target audience for our clients, delivering the best results for their digital advertising campa...
Palo Alto, Freiburg, Melbourne, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Warsaw, Riyadh
Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Account Manager.
Identiv is an innovative technology company that provides security software and hardware solutions for both physical and digital access control. Founded in 2012, Identiv’s mission is to provide secure access to physical and digital information and assets for organizations worldwide. Identiv’s team of experienced engineers is dedicated to delivering innovative, cutting-edge technology that featu...
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