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As a backend developer, you’ll design, build, and maintain a scalable “behind-the-scenes” infrastructure to support the user interfaces and user experiences built by frontend developers.

We jointly developed our Backend Development curriculum with Amazon, so with our course, you’ll gain the in-demand skills to join this exciting field, faster.

Demand for software developers is expected to grow 22%
Software and web developers earn a median salary of $105,310

Employers in virtually every industry are competing for backend talent. By completing our Backend Development course, you could take advantage of this opportunity.

Success Stories

After eight years of being a stay-at-home-mom, Uma upskilled with this Backend Development course and was hired by Amazon even before graduation.
Uma Sitaraman
Software Development Engineer Amazon
Jayda enrolled in this Backend Development course right out of high school. She's making a six-figure salary in her first job.
Jayda Wade
Software Development Engineer Amazon

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This Backend Development course is based on the success of Amazon Technical Academy, which trains non-technical Amazon employees for software development engineering roles within the company. Our program covers the same critical knowledge and skills required to succeed as a backend developer or software engineer, without needing a 4-year CS degree.
Using Java, DynamoDB, Concurrency, and other current technologies, you’ll gain the specialized experience needed to launch your career in backend development.




Access 1:1 coaching, live instruction and community events, and self-paced content to prepare you for Sprint 1 and beyond.



Java Foundations

Problem-solving strategies, command-line basics, IDE basics, Git basics, variables, arithmetic operations, strings, user input, object instantiation, boolean logic, conditionals, loops, arrays, and more.



Intermediate Java

Writing and testing functional requirements, debugging, unit testing, memory, encapsulation, polymorphism and interfaces, primitive wrapper classes, generics, lists, and more.



Designing with Java

‍Logging, remote debugging, inheritance, polymorphism, hashing, set, maps, design with composition, exception handling, mocking, and statics.



Working with Databases

HTTP and RESTful services, introduction to DynamoDB, creating exceptions, dependency injection, linked lists, searching, Big O, recursion, data stores, and deploying.



Learn and Be Curious

API design, DynamoDB table design, DynamoDB index design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, integration tests, and scrum. Practice your new skills while building a project in a team setting.



Advanced Java

Iterators, DynamoDB delete, DynamoDB query, stacks, queues, intro to computer hardware, intro to operating systems, threads, immutability, final, in-memory caching, and more.



Java at Scale

Optionals, streams, DynamoDB scan, JSON serialization, executor services, futures, thread safety, graphs, trees, service design, and intro to relational databases.



Interview Preparation

Solving technical programming challenges that may include: complexity, counting frequencies, string representation, loops, sort, division & modulo, priority queue, sliding windows, prefix sums, linked lists, stacks, segment trees, graphs, and more.




Participate in our in-house apprenticeship program by building a real-world project in a small team.