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Companies With Quality Assurance Tester Career Paths

Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Johannesburg
Game Designer, Programmer, Graphic Designer, Quality Assurance Tester, Technical Artist, System Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Software Engineer.
Pearl Abyss is a South Korean video game company that specializes in massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Seoul, the company has developed popular games such as Black Desert, Crusader Kings, and Sword Art Online. Pearl Abyss is dedicated to producing games that offer compelling experiences to players of all backgrounds and skill level...
Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan, Incheon, Jeonju, Gangneung
Mobile Developer, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Tester, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, DevOps Engineer, User Experience Designer, Technical Support Engineer
Kakao Pay is a powerful mobile payment platform that enables its users to securely and quickly access their banking accounts, transfer money, and make payments through their devices. It is a mobile payments service developed by Kakao Corporation, a South Korean company, to facilitate transactions in various countries across the world. The system is built on cutting-edge technology that makes it...
Chicago, New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto
Software Engineer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Quality Assurance Tester, Animator, Audio Artist, Producer, Community Manager, Technical Artist.
PlayWay is a rapidly growing technology innovation company designing and developing cutting edge solutions specializing in the interactive entertainment sector. We are committed to creating unique, immersive, and entertaining experiences for our customers through the utilization of cutting-edge technology. At PlayWay our innovative teams are comprised of some the most advanced and creative eng...
Glenwood Springs, Fort Collins, Hamilton, Steamboat Springs, Denver, Leadville, Gunnison
Data Scientist, Blockchain Developer, Software Engineer, System Administrator, Cybersecurity Analyst, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Quality Assurance Tester, DevOps Engineer, UX/UI Designer.
Stronghold Digital Mining is a revolutionary venture that is transforming the cryptocurrency mining industry. We are a cutting-edge technology company offering groundbreaking products, services, and platforms that provide the optimal path to success and profitability in the cryptocurrency sector. Our experienced and dedicated team of developers and engineers are constantly innovating to stren...
New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London
Software Engineer, Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Data Scientist, UX Designer, Product Manager, Quality Assurance Tester, Technical Support Engineer, IT Security Specialist
Kidpik is a cutting edge fashion technology company that is transforming the way children shop for clothing and manage their wardrobes. We are harnessing the power of data science, computer vision and advanced algorithms to deliver a truly personalized fashion experience. Through a combination of proprietary algorithms, data, and machine learning technology, we create personalized outfits tailo...
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