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Software Architect

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Companies With Software Architect Career Paths

Nashville, Centennial, Redmond, New Delhi, Bangalore, Tokyo, Singapore, Sao Paulo
Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Network Administrator, IT Support Technician, DevOps Engineer, Systems Administrator, Software Architect, Security Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, Database Administrator
Bird Global is a leading technology-focused company, offering comprehensive services and solutions for all needs of the digital world. Our dedicated team of experts is constantly innovating and developing groundbreaking solutions and products to offer our customers the latest technology solutions. We strive to create reliable and secure products to meet our customers’ needs, no matter the size ...
Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, London, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam
Software Architect, Business Analyst, System Administrator, IT Consultant, DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist, Network Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer.
Atoss is an innovative software development company that specializes in pushing the boundaries of technological progress. We craft award-winning solutions that are driving the evolution of the way companies do business and interact with their customers. Atoss is based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and we offer our clients the fundamental building blocks to succeed online. We have develop...
Tel Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Munich, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Hong Kong
Software Developer, Network Engineer, System Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Architect, Network Architect, Systems Engineer, VoIP Engineer, Sales Engineer.
AudioCodes is a leading provider of advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and converged VoIP and Data Networking technologies and Voice Network Products. The company specializes in creating innovative and reliable solutions that provide end-to-end voice communication over IP networks and enables service providers and enterprises to deploy carrier-grade and feature-rich VoIP. AudioCodes ...
Alpharetta, Las Vegas, Conshohocken, Marlborough, Birmingham, Bedford, McLean, Plano, Mississauga
Software Developer, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Web Designer, Software Architect.
Agilysys is a leading technology provider specializing in helping customers solve their toughest problems and create stunning experiences. Delivering innovative solutions to organizations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, Agilysys boasts over 50 years of industry experience, exceptional customer service, and a proven track record of creating innovative, user-centered technologies and products....
Dallas, Miami, San Diego, New York, San Jose, Atlanta, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai
Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Data Analyst, Product Marketing Manager, Software Architect, Systems Engineer, Business Analyst.
Since its inception in 1994, Faro Technologies has been innovative and influential in the world of advanced 3D technology and metrology. The company is focused on innovation and providing the most cutting edge technology and metrology in the world. Faro Technologies is headquartered in Lake Mary, FL, with other major regional offices located in Canada, Germany, China, Brazil, India and Singapor...
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