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Technical Account Manager

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Companies With Technical Account Manager Career Paths

Baltimore, New York, London, Austin, San Francisco
Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Product Manager, Solutions Architect, Technical Account Manager, Security Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer
ZeroFox is a technology company that develops cyber security solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide. We strive to protect our clients' most valuable and sensitive data, ensuring that their online presence is secure, protected, and secure. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes the latest and most efficient security solutions, such as network security, threat intelligence, ...
Palo Alto, New York, Bangalore, Mumbai, London, Paris, Hamburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore
Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Product Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer, Technical Account Manager, Sales Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Senior Solutions Architect, Customer Success Manager, Technical Support Engineer
PubMatic is a technology leader in the advertising industry, providing a platform that helps publishers and advertisers make the most of programmatic marketing. Built for the publishers and powered by the world’s leading adtech platforms, PubMatic’s open and unified programmatic advertising platform provides superior transparency and control, unleashing their clients’ true monetization potentia...
Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Høvik, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, Istanbul
Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Security Engineer, Solutions Architect, Technical Support Engineer, Technical Account Manager, Technical Writer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Manager, Sales Engineer.
ForgeRock is a prominent technology company specializing in Digital Identity and Access Management (IAM). Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock provides comprehensive identity and access products to organizations of all sizes, as well as developers, universities, and government institutions. The company's core offering is the ForgeRock Digital Identity Plat...
Austin, Charlotte, London, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Singapore, Tokyo
Software Engineer, Solutions Consultant, Technical Support Engineer, Data Scientist, Solutions Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Manager, Technical Account Manager, Network Engineer, Business Analyst.
ChannelAdvisor is a global leader in Commerce as a Service that provides software, services, and expertise to enable retailers and brands to increase the reach and efficiency of their omnichannel sales. Our solutions enable merchants to create and update listings, manage campaigns, distribute content, review performance and understand consumer trends, all from one platform. Through our global M...
Tel Aviv, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Petach Tikva, Kiev, Sao Paulo
Product Manager, Technical Support Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Front-end Developer, UX/UI Designer, DevOps Engineer, Sales Engineer, Technical Account Manager
WalkMe is an innovative technology company focused on making complex technology simpler and easier to use. Founded in 2011, WalkMe has revolutionized the way software is used and interacted with. WalkMe’s platform combines extremely intuitive design, artificial intelligence, and interactive guidance to improve user experiences and increase technology adoption and productivity. At WalkMe, we va...
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