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Technical Program Manager

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Companies With Technical Program Manager Career Paths

San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Hyderabad, London, Munich
Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer, Security Engineer, Product Manager.
C3 AI is a leading enterprise AI software provider that specializes in developing comprehensive AI solutions for businesses. Its comprehensive platforms are designed to help businesses extract insights from their internal data faster and easier than ever before, to improve decision making, identify and act upon opportunities, speed up the time to value, and improve outcomes. Using the power of...
Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu
Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Autonomous Vehicle Engineer, Data Scientist, Quality Assurance Engineer, Technical Program Manager, IT Support Specialist
With a mission to make the roads safer, TuSimple is a self-driving truck technology pioneer. Founded in 2015, TuSimple is reinventing the transportation experience for long-distance commercial trucking. TuSimple leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and computer vision research to create self-driving trucks that are equipped with the latest cameras, sensors, and computing hardware. T...
Mountain View, Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Detroit, Munich, Bozeman
Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Autonomous Systems Engineer, Data Scientist, Quality Assurance Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer
Aurora Innovation is a leading innovator of advanced technology solutions, specializing in automated vehicle engineering. Founded in 2017, Aurora has quickly grown to become the world’s most respected and innovative Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology companies. We are a team of forward-thinking engineers, entrepreneurs, and software experts dedicated to developing the world’s most advanced and ...
New York City, San Francisco, Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris, London, Singapore
Software Engineer, Product Designer, Technical Program Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer, Data Scientist, Security Engineer, Technical Writer, Support Engineer, DevOps Engineer, UX Researcher.
Asana is a leading web-based application development tool that helps users build and manage web, mobile, and cloud projects in real-time, allowing for greater efficiency and responsiveness. At the heart of Asana is its powerful platform, an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables users to define, design, and build applications from scratch or from existing project templates, in an...
San Francisco, New York, London, Munich, Seattle, Paris, Singapore
Software Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Solutions Architect, Product Manager, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Customer Success Engineer, Support Engineer, Solutions Engineer.
Confluent is a cutting-edge technology company that provides real-time streaming data platform solutions. As organizations and businesses strive to become increasingly connected, Confluent helps support that growth and scalability. They provide businesses with the tools to quickly, reliably, and securely ingest, store, process, and interact with real-time data to build powerful and impactful ap...
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