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User Experience Designer

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Companies With User Experience Designer Career Paths

Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan, Incheon, Jeonju, Gangneung
Mobile Developer, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Tester, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, DevOps Engineer, User Experience Designer, Technical Support Engineer
Kakao Pay is a powerful mobile payment platform that enables its users to securely and quickly access their banking accounts, transfer money, and make payments through their devices. It is a mobile payments service developed by Kakao Corporation, a South Korean company, to facilitate transactions in various countries across the world. The system is built on cutting-edge technology that makes it...
Denver, San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, London, Vancouver
Product Manager, UX Researcher, Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Quality Assurance Tester, Technical Support Representative, User Experience Designer, Technical Writer, Customer Success Manager
UserTesting is a leading technology platform that enables businesses to quickly and efficiently test their digital experience. Our team of expert engineers provide a robust, comprehensive testing solution to ensure the highest level of user satisfaction and usability. Our platform is designed to enable product developers and managers to gain critical insight into how their product is performing...
Oslo, Stockholm, Belgrade, Zurich, Prague, Riga, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Istanbul, Mumbai, Beijing, Warsaw, Shanghai
Software Developer, QA Engineer, Product Manager, Technical Writer, User Experience Designer, Data Analyst, DevOps Engineer, System Administrator, Security Engineer, Network Engineer
Opera is a leading technology company focused on innovation and development of web browsers, mobile browsers and artificial intelligence across multiple platforms. Founded in 1995, our company has become one of the world’s leading players in the internet industry. We are passionate about technology in creating an open Web experience for everyone. At Opera, our technology includes both desktop ...
New York, London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo
Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Product Manager, Solutions Architect, Security Analyst, User Experience Designer.
DoubleVerify is a leading technology company that specializes in digital media measurement and performance optimization. We help online media companies increase transparency, accountability, and viewability for digital advertising wins. Our innovative technology offers multimedia ad measurement, attribution, fraud prevention, and verification solutions based on an analytics platform, which help...
London, Copenhagen, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, São Paulo
Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Database Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, User Experience Designer, Business Analyst, Security Engineer.
Trustpilot Group is an innovating and rapidly growing technology company providing consumer review services. Our mission is to use technology to power the voice of everyday consumers. By providing an open platform of review products, businesses and consumers alike can build trust and transparency in the marketplace, and make informed decisions about the companies and services they buy from. Tr...
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