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Absolute Software is a global leader in endpoint resilience and secure productivity solutions, offering customers innovative ways to protect, secure, and manage all of their endpoint devices. Our mission is to provide customers with a comprehensive platform of endpoint resilience, data protection, and endpoint management capabilities that enable them to maintain the security, privacy, continuity, and efficiency of their operations. We take pride in our commitment to innovation and our focus on the customer, delivering cutting-edge cloud-based and on-premises solutions that help customers protect their data, secure their networks, and manage their endpoints. Our solutions are designed to protect endpoints of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise organizations that need to secure millions of endpoints. At Absolute, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, secure, and reliable solutions to our customers. Our team consists of industry experts and experienced engineers, researches, and developers who understand the importance of security, privacy, and data protection. Our cross-functional teams are focused on developing innovative technologies and features that enable customers to client their assets. We continually strive to ensure that our solutions are secure and efficient, delivering the best performance and experience for our customers. For businesses seeking the highest technical expertise for their endpoint security, Absolute offers a team of certified and experienced professionals who work hand-in-hand with customers to understand their needs and provide support on an ongoing basis. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet the highest levels of security standards, while also providing valuable end-user experience.

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Software Engineer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): Salary ranges from $50-75k/year
Description: Absolute Software is looking for an experienced software engineer to join our team! The successful candidate must have a computer science degree and have a passion for developing software and troubleshooting problems. The software engineer will be responsible for developing new features, maintaining existing features and troubleshooting software errors that our customers encounter. We are looking for a motivated individual who is excited to learn and can bring the latest ideas and technologies to our team. The successful candidate must have a high level of technical skill, the ability to troubleshoot complex software errors and be able to communicate in an efficient and effective manner.
Qualifications / Requirements: Software development experience, computer science degree, strong problem solving skills, motivation to learn, strong communication skills.
Locations: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax
Career Paths: Software Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, Quality Assurance Analyst, Product Manager, Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Security Analyst, Systems Administrator, DevOps Engineer, UX Designer.
Job Contacts: jobs@absolute.com

Recent Reviews

Asya R.
Working at Absolute Software as a programmer has been an incredible experience. Being part of a high achieving team with strong ethical principles and a commitment to top-notch customer service has been incredibly inspiring. The culture at the company is designed to foster success and our leadership is focused on creating a positive environment. I find the work challenging and rewarding, and I am proud to be part of the many accomplishments of Absolute Software!

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to work at Absolute Software?
Applicants need to possess a degree in software engineering or a related field and, in some positions, experience in software engineering.
What is the company culture like at Absolute Software?
At Absolute Software, we strive for a culture of collaboration and innovation. We value hard work, creativity, and a dedication to excellence.