Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon is now a global leader in technological innovation and customer service. Leveraging new technologies and advanced platforms, Amazon strives to provide customers with the best experience possible when making online purchases.Amazon offers an extensive portfolio of services, including retailing, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain management. Amazon’s cloud computing service, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is the largest on the market, providing a broad suite of cloud computing services from infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). By leveraging the power of the cloud, AWS can handle customer demand for content, applications, and services faster and more efficiently than traditional on-premise servers and computing architectures.Amazon’s technologies have helped revolutionize the e-commerce industry by creating customer-focused software solutions that enable seamless customer experiences. From Amazon Prime and Alexa Skills to Amazon Alexa and the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon provides superior customer engagement and ordering capabilities. Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence technology is used to optimize marketing campaigns, enhance customer service experiences, and personalize customer interactions.Amazon is committed to corporate responsibility, including their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company consistently works to develop and attract a diverse pool of technology professionals, ranging from software engineers to data scientists and mobile developers. Amazon actively recruits and hires candidates from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.With a strong commitment to customer service, technological innovation and sustainability, Amazon is a technology-driven powerhouse offering unparalleled opportunities for those in the programming, coding, application development, and IT fields. By joining an elite team of technology professionals, Amazon offers a career and an environment you’d be proud to be part of.

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Software Engineer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 50-60 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 90k-120k
Description: The role of a Software Engineer is to design, develop, and test software programs and applications to meet customer requirements. Responsibilities include developing high quality software and working with the software development team to ensure all requirements are met. The job requires the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex software applications.
Qualifications / Requirements: Strong technical skills in software engineering, computer science and/or engineering, excellent problem solving and analytical skills, and the ability to work in teams. Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby and C++ are a plus.

Data Scientist

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 80k-120k
Description: Data Scientists analyze huge datasets to find patterns and trends using advanced analytics and programming skills. Responsibilities include developing algorithms, developing advanced analytical models and statistical tests, assessing data quality and accuracy, and putting data analysis into actionable insights.
Qualifications / Requirements: Strong background in mathematics and statistics, experience with a variety of data analysis tools, excellent problem-solving and communication skills, and knowledge of at least one programming language such as Python or R.

Software Testing Engineer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 90k-125k
Description: Software Testing Engineers design, develop and execute tests to ensure the quality and performance of the Amazon software solution. Responsibilities include developing test plans, creating automated test scripts, developing test plans and strategies, assessing software quality assurance and debugging potential software issues.
Qualifications / Requirements: Excellent problem solving skills, knowledge of software development life cycle and software testing processes, and experience with software testing tools such as Selenium, QTP/UFT.

Database Administrator

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 90k-125k
Description: The Database Administrator is responsible for managing, maintaining and troubleshooting databases for the Amazon platform. Responsibilities include providing support for creating, analyzing and modifying databases, designing database strategies, creating databases and optimizing performance, and troubleshooting server issues.
Qualifications / Requirements: Strong technical skills in data management, developing and maintaining databases, excellent problem solving and analytical skills, a strong background in SQL and knowledge of database administration tools.

Information Technology (IT) Support Analyst

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 65k-90k
Description: The IT Support Analyst provides technical assistance and support to users who are facing technical issues while using Amazon’s software, hardware, services and products. Responsibilities include troubleshooting hardware and software issues, assisting in maintenance, repairing networking equipment and providing end-user technical training and support.
Qualifications / Requirements: Strong technical skills in computer hardware, software, networking and system administration, excellent problem-solving and analytical skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Security Engineer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 50-60 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 90k-125k
Description: The Security Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining the Amazon security and compliance framework. Responsibilities include designing and implementing security systems, analyzing security policies, performing security risk assessments, and recommending changes to improve security protocols.
Qualifications / Requirements: Strong technical background in networking, system administration and security, experience working with security tools, excellent problem solving skills and knowledge of security protocols, architectures and policies.
Locations: Seattle, Boston, Bellevue, Austin, Boulder, Tempe, Nashville, Edison, Sunnyvale, New York City, Herndon, Cambridge, Oakland, Detroit, Dallas
Career Paths: Software Development Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Security Engineer, System Architect, Network Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer, Solutions Architect.
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Neil B.
I've been with Amazon for the last 7 years and it has been an incredible experience working for the company. The job is exciting, challenging, and rewarding and I feel like Amazon fits with my personal values and goals. The culture is very supportive and open to new ideas and the opportunities for growth are limitless. I'm in a technical position and the support I get from my supervisor and other colleagues is amazing, which has helped me to become a better programmer and IT specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day like for an Amazon Software engineer?
As a software engineer, your day-to-day job responsibilities may include developing, coding, and debugging programs; creating better programs and automation tools; providing technical guidance and support to other development teams; and troubleshooting issues related to the software.
What qualifications do I need to become an Amazon Software Engineer?
To become an Amazon Softwar Engineer, you must have a degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. You should also have experience with programming languages like Java and C# and have experience working with relational databases, web services, and service-oriented architecture.