ASUS is a leading technology company committed to creating the most groundbreaking and revolutionary tech-based products in the industry. With a strong emphasis on cutting-edge design and engineering, ASUS continues to innovate and stay at the forefront of the consumer technology industry. Since its inception in 1989, ASUS has been carving out an impressive history for itself in terms of design and engineering, having produced respected and highly praised products in the areas of laptops, notebooks, tablets, motherboards, graphics cards, and more. By engineering top of the line products that provide reliability and performance, ASUS has achieved a respected name in the consumer technology community. ASUS offers prospective employees a great opportunity to break into the tech industry and learn firsthand the importance of quality design and engineering. Working at ASUS gives individuals the platform to gain experience in developing and building some of the world’s premier technology products. Additionally, ASUS offers talented individuals the chance to gain experience working on new and exciting projects that could shape the future of consumer technology. ASUS also takes pride in its corporate culture, which they label “Zen,” which focuses on creating a harmonious environment where employees of different backgrounds and talents can learn and grow as a team. This highly respected company invests in its employees to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of innovation. For those looking to jumpstart their future in the tech industry, joining the team at ASUS is a great way to gain the necessary experience and skills needed for success in programming, coding, application development, or IT. With their stable of award-winning products, ASUS is a powerhouse in the consumer technology industry and possesses an impressive corporate culture that rewards hard work and innovation.

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Android Software Developer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 58000
Description: The Android Software Developer is responsible for developing software for the Android platform and maintaining existing technology products. The developer would be responsible for designing, coding and debugging software applications, designing and developing databases, researching the latest trends in Android development, troubleshooting any software issues and providing detailed programming documentation.
Qualifications / Requirements: The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and 3-5 years experience developing software for the Android platform. Must have experience in developing software and databases, excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail and strong communication skills. Strong knowledge of the Android SDK and Java are required.
Locations: Taipei, Zhonghe, Beitou, Tamsui, Xizhi
Career Paths: Product Manager, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, System Administrator, Computer Technician, Network Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, Quality Assurance Analyst, UX Designer, Business Analyst
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Recent Reviews

Working at ASUS as an IT has been a great opportunity. I've been utilizing their great equipment and IBM pc to find solutions to technology related problems. The company is great at communication and understanding, which is an incredibly rare combination in a business. The management provides great feedback and creates an environment for growth. I'm very happy to be part of such a wonderful team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASUS?
ASUS is a multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company founded in 1989 by 4 engineers in Taiwan.
What type of products does ASUS offer?
ASUS offers a variety of products, including laptops, desktop PCs, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, networking equipment, gaming accessories, smartphones, and more.