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Delta Electronics is a leading provider of innovative, award-winning technology solutions in the fields of power, connectivity,and green energy management. With over 40 years of experience, Delta has developed its expertise in areas such as advanced robotics and automation, embedded systems programming, cloud-based solutions, and industrial communications. Our primary focus is helping global customers develop solutions that reduce their operational costs and provide the highest quality of performance. As a cutting-edge technology company, Delta combines a wealth of knowledge and experience with the most advanced technologies available to bring innovative products to market. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the technology curve and continuously incorporate the latest advancements into our products. Delta employs experienced engineers, software developers, and IT professionals who are knowledgeable in the latest technology trends and have freshly graduated college students eager to learn. We have an impressive track record of success with numerous awards in the IT industry, including nine International Technology awards, eight Innovation Awards, and four Industry awards. At Delta, we are passionate about the power of technology to create amazing engineering and technical solutions. We strive to stay on the forefront of programming, coding and application development technology, offering innovative solutions to our discerning customer base. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals driven to succeed, with a strong focus on both customer service and product development.

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Software Developer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 105000
Description: The Software Developer is responsible for designing, testing, and maintaining software applications. This involves developing the underlying software systems and platforms that power the company’s products. The Software Developer should be comfortable with developing for both mobile and web.
Qualifications / Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, plus a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in software development; Strong development skills; experience with mobile and web platforms; strong communication and interpersonal skills
Locations: Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta
Career Paths: Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, System Administrator, Web Developer, Cyber Security Analyst, Data Scientist, Quality Assurance Engineer, DevOps Engineer
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Recent Reviews

John G
Working in the design/engineering department at Delta Electronics has been an extremely positive experience. They have always given me the time, resources, and support needed to create customer-focused products, while also being in line with the company's goals. From the customer service teams to software engineers, the atmosphere here is terrific, working together in a collaborative environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do employees receive at Delta Electronics?
Delta Electronics provides a range of employee benefits such as medical and dental insurance, life insurance, vacation and sick leave, 401k, and more.
How can I keep my skills up-to-date for my job at Delta Electronics?
Delta Electronics encourages employees to keep up with new technologies and trends by providing access to a range of industry training and development programs. Employees can also enroll in classes from external providers and attend industry events.