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Perfect World Entertainment is an innovative gaming and entertainment company built on decades of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a deep commitment to the online gaming community. We deliver great experiences to our customers and technological progress to the industry. At Perfect World Entertainment, we use the latest technology to deliver the best in gaming entertainment. From narrative-driven games to blazing-fast online experiences, we strive to create games that our players will want to come back to. Our game engine, developed in-house, allows us to rapidly prototype and develop games while maintaining the highest level of quality. Additionally, we employ a variety of technologies such as DirectX, PhysX, and Havok to ensure our players get the best out of their gaming experience. In order to develop these innovative technologies, we are always on the lookout for the best and brightest minds in the business. Our team of developers, engineers and IT professionals are constantly working to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming technology. We value employees who are independent and open to learning new things, and our employees are encouraged to collaborate across teams and departments. At Perfect World Entertainment, we strive to create a unique customer experience that stands out from the competition. We have a long-standing commitment to player feedback and satisfaction, and invest heavily in customer support and community management. We are dedicated to providing our players with an enjoyable gaming experience and creating a rewarding career environment for our employees.

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Software Engineer

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40 hours
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): 90000
Description: Design, develop, modify and maintain software systems to meet specified requirements. Develop applications using a variety of technologies (such as Java, C++, Python, etc.) and best practices. Analyze software requirements, review technical design and plan the implementation of software testing.
Qualifications / Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field. Proven experience with a variety of software development methodologies. Knowledge of software design principles. Experienced using development tools such as Java, C++, Python, etc.
Locations: Redmond, Kirkland, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Seattle
Career Paths: Software Engineer, Game Designer, Quality Assurance Specialist, Technical Artist, System Administrator, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Community Manager, Product Manager, Technical Writer.
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Recent Reviews

John S
Perfect World Entertainment was an excellent employer for the 5 years I was with them. I was a programmer for the IT team and my team was always treated with respect and given due diligence and attention by senior management. I enjoyed the laid back environment, where I could learn from my mistakes and from the great culture. The company provided me with many experiences I will never forget. I enjoyed the remote work opportunities as well, allowing me to have more control over my time and be able to balance my work and home life. I would absolutely recommend this employer to anyone in the technology field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game development experience is preferred at Perfect World Entertainment?
Perfect World Entertainment focuses on game development for all platforms and genres, so a varied level of experience across multiple disciplines is preferred.
What type of roles does Perfect World Entertainment have?
Perfect World Entertainment hires for roles in various departments such as Game Development, Quality Assurance, System Engineering, Localization, Player Support, Marketing, and many more!