Symbotic is a leading technology leader in a rapidly changing world. We are a warehousing automation leader that solves real world logistics and supply chain challenges. Our robotics, software, and cloud systems give us an edge in a constantly growing industry. At the core of our technology is a suite of autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s) that automate the movement of inventory and other materials in warehouses and fulfillment centers. Our AMR’s reduce traffic in warehouses, ensuring that the workload of personnel is kept to a minimum while maximizing efficiency. We also employ technologies such as RFID readers and sensors to monitor inventory accuracy and assets from a distance. Our 3D visioning system recognizes object dimensions in order to optimize stocking and organization in the warehouse. The system also keeps track of items being added or removed from warehouse shelves. Our cloud-based software platform, SymboticWare, integrates all these components into a central point that can be accessed from anywhere. SymboticWare enables customers to monitor inventory, access operational data, and gain insights into their warehouse. Symbotic is committed to helping customers get ahead with the latest in robotics and software technology. Our team of engineers and technology experts are always innovating and pushing the limits of warehouse automation.

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Field Service Technician

Average Work Hours (weekly unless noted): 40-50 hours/week
Average Salary (yearly in dollars unless noted): $60,000/yr
Description: This position is responsible for servicing and repairing a variety of robotic field equipment. This includes installation and troubleshooting of electrical, mechanical and computer components. The technician may be required to travel to on-site customer locations. This position also involves maintaining accurate and timely records of service work performed.
Qualifications / Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, robotics, or a related technical field with at least two years’ experience in a related field is required. Prior experience in performing electrical, mechanical, and software maintenance is preferred. Must have strong problem solving, critical thinking and time management skills. Solid knowledge of robotics and computer systems is essential.
Locations: Broomfield, Denver, Shanghai, Madrid, Munich, Tokyo, Hyderabad, Seoul
Career Paths: Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, System Integration Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Project Manager.
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Recent Reviews

Michael P.
Working at Symbotic was a great opportunity for me because I had the chance to take on a challenge in a team of colleagues. We were able to work together to create amazing solutions for various projects. The management and support staff were always helpful and encouraging. I especially enjoyed the monthly hackathons which helped to promote greater creative skills and collaboration amongst team members. The work environment itself was always positive and welcoming as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Symbotic?
Symbotic is a robotics-based supply chain company, offering engineering, installation and maintenance services to businesses.
What type of positions does Symbotic offer?
Symbotic offers a variety of engineering, sales, marketing, management and administrative positions.