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Automation Engineer

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Companies With Automation Engineer Career Paths

Broomfield, Denver, Shanghai, Madrid, Munich, Tokyo, Hyderabad, Seoul
Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, System Integration Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Project Manager.
Symbotic is a leading technology leader in a rapidly changing world. We are a warehousing automation leader that solves real world logistics and supply chain challenges. Our robotics, software, and cloud systems give us an edge in a constantly growing industry. At the core of our technology is a suite of autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s) that automate the movement of inventory and other materia...
Saratoga, Hsinchu, Beijing, Austin, Wuxi, Penang, Grand Rapids
Process Engineer, Equipment Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Product Engineer, Yield Improvement Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Facilities Engineer, Automation Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Business Analyst.
GlobalWafers is an integrated provider of high-quality semiconductor products and services, with a focus on developing cutting-edge integrated circuit (IC) designs for the technology industry. The company has assembled a well-experienced engineering and production teams, enabling them to produce innovative wafer materials, designed for the highest performance in the most demanding applications....
Toronto, Calgary, British Columbia, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Yellowknife
Mining Engineer, Blockchain Developer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, IT Technician, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Automation Engineer.
Hut 8 Mining is a leading Canadian cryptocurrency mining company that specializes in the provision of Blockchain infrastructure technology and the mining of digital currency on behalf of its clients. Internationally, Hut 8 Mining has sought recognition for its cutting-edge innovation, with its electrical engineering and IT teams highly trained to deliver premium products and services. The comp...
Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Seoul, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco
Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Data Scientist, Automation Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, AI Researcher, Autonomous Vehicle Engineer, Hardware Engineer.
Foresight Autonomous Holdings is a bold and exciting organization focused on developing autonomous and robotics technology systems for a variety of industries such as automotive, commercial, and agricultural applications. Our talented & dedicated team of programmers, engineers, and developers combine their passion & skills to create advanced sensing technology. We provide the highest le...
Dublin, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo
Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Algorithm Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, Automation Engineer, Data Scientist, Research Scientist.
AEye is a leading technological solution provider and software engineering company committed to delivering world-class artificial intelligence (AI) products and services. Our technology focuses on creating robust AI and software solutions to help our clients detect and analyze real-world data more quickly and accurately. Using a combination of proprietary infrared scanning technology, deep lea...
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